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Why the blog?

Friends since we were 18 years old, in recent years we have found ourselves separated by the Atlantic ocean. Emails flew to and fro between us about our respective lives, but also our shared love of craft and endless discussions of our latest projects. Now, we blog about both craft and life. Needless to say, behind the scenes, the emails keep flying.

Why the name 'Nimble Fingers and Steady Eyebrows'?

The phrase comes from Charles DickensA Tale of Two Cities and it describes Madame Defarge, who knitted "with nimble fingers and steady eyebrows and said nothing".

Whilst we certainly don't restrict ourselves to knitting alone -and indeed our crafting is an entirely positive experience, a far cry from Madame Defarge's ominous activities- nonetheless it is an appropriate description of the act of stitching, whether with yarn or with thread, two large needles or one tiny one. As Laura lives near Bristol in England, and Annie in Washington DC in the USA, we are writing to one another across the Atlantic. It seems fair to suggest that ours too is in part a tale of two cities.

Unlike Madame Defarge, however, we both have plenty to say... 

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