Husbands and Tiramisu

Dear  Laura,

Much to my joy and dismay your hubby came on a nice jolly to DC this week. Joy because of course it was lovely to see him and dismay of course because you weren't with him. I decided that I would just pretend he was you. So I took him to see the bees...

and for a walk around the neighbourhood. We missed the knitting shop because it was too late and wouldn't have been open, otherwise I would have encouraged some spending for prezzies.

Finally, because he was a very special visitor, I made one of the two things that I can make: Tiramisu. R also cooked up a storm with borsch and roast chicken on the menu. I think we ended up with about 5 courses in the end.

Just to prove that I made the tiramisu I took photographic evidence...

The recipe came from a cook book I got a while ago, it is now transferred to a bit of scrap paper and I think I have changed it over time. It is basically a mix of egg yokes (4) and sugar (100g ish) whipped up then marcasapone cheese (500g) added and a good glug of marsala wine mixed in. This is put in the fridge whilst you whisk the egg whites (4) with a couple of table spoons of sugar. 

I hand whisked to peaks and everything. Then I folded the mixture in the fridge into the egg whites. Once mixed I put all that in the fridge.

Then I laid out the ladies fingers in the bottom of the pot/container covered them in coffee and more masala wine. 

I just cover them and let them soak the liquid up, I try not to put too much on, but the sponge should be nicely soaked. Then the mixture in the fridge is put on top of the soaked sponge and a little bit of chocolate sprinkled on top and placed back in the fridge.

and then it was time to clean up

If you use your little finger it doesn't count.
The final Product...

I wish you had been here to taste it. But as your hubs said, he has had time away so next time it is your turn. Yippeee! Can I come with you?

lots of love



  1. Definitely the right approach to treat the husband as proxy! Delicious looking tiramisu (and lovely scales). I find your bees endlessly fascinating. I think of them as quite hip and cool and savvy urban bees that could pop on the subway to the flower market if the mood takes them. Cx

  2. I agree with noknittedknickers, husband proxy & fascinating urban bees- your photos make me wonder about the possibilities for our roof...
    Your marsala & egg splattered recipe on scrap paper made me smile as I've always honed in on those spattered pages in handed-down recipe books figuring that they are surely the best (even more so if there are pencil notes accompanying them!)

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