New Roads...

Dear Lovely Readers,

The time has come to retire this lovely blog. Both of us have moved to virtual pastures new. Laura is at the lifestyle blog Circle of Pine Trees, sharing, amongst other things, her kitchen stories and her outdoor adventures. Annie is now at Pom Poms and Tutus a blog about her sewing adventures with an effort to record all that she is learning in the hope that she doesn't forget.

Fear not we are still firm friends and chatter just as much about our lives and crafting exploits as we ever did, but those chats have once again moved offline. Writing the blog has been a wonderful journey, and a way of documenting our lives over the last few years. We're both so glad that we took the leap together into blogging; this little online conversation of ours has led to improved skills, new directions, special friendships and exciting opportunities. Meeting all of you lovely people who share our passions and interests has been particularly fantastic. 

Thank you all so much for welcoming us to this small space in the virtual world, it has been such a pleasure. Please, do come and visit us sometime, in our new online homes...

Lots of love

Annie and Laura


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Annie and Laura x

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