Fireflies and Midnight Blue Dresses

Dear Laura,

I love making clothes for myself, love it, however I am branching out and trying to make clothes for other people now too. I made my first dress for Pip years ago, luckily she is a similar shape and height to me and we did a couple of fittings so it wasn't too great a stretch. Recently I made a second dress, this time for Ksenia. Again slightly thinner and taller than me so it wasn't really to much of a departure for me but I was still a little worried about making it for her. This time you see I was here in the US and she was there in the UK so there was no fitting or anything. 

Happily she tried it and it fit! It is pretty short due to the fabric pattern length but I think she can pull it off. I was slightly short on fabric and in order to be able to walk I had to put two little triangles of shirting material in the sides so that it could go on. My next model is going to be my sister who although related to me, has a completely different body shape, this one is going to be more tricky for sure. It is a fun challenge though I am looking forward to seeing how it pans out! 

Lots of love

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