$3 Stripey Dress

Dear Laura,

I think you can guess that I have a bit of a fabric hoard and I don't seem to be able to stop myself from buying more and more and more. I love it and love the possibilities it brings with it. A few months ago I went to a course called "cutting the couture way" it was really fun. A lady who had worked in the Paris fashion houses showed us all the brilliant techniques for making clothes properly and well. The main take aways for me were: Always line a dress or wear a slip because that way the fabric will fall properly and it will look great; and when working with stretchy fabric you can use a rayon strip over the seams to make the sew properly without stretching out. It was brilliant and she was brilliant. 

It was also held at a fabric store and we arrived a little early so of course I had to shop shop shop. In the clearance bin I found this stripy stretch knit fabric, I have no idea what it is but I do know that it melts with a hot iron, so it is clearly not a natural fabric. I decided that it would make a perfect work dress and with the weight of the fabric it seemed natural to cut it on the bias. I hung it on my dress form and realised that I only needed one seam down the back, I made it a curved seam to make it a bit more interesting. I did not take heed of the advice from my class but I really do need to line this dress not only for it to fall beautifully but also because it is a little see through and I don't need everyone at work seeing my pants! 

It is super comfortable and I wear it all the time, I even have some left over and I am thinking about making a top with it with sleeves to go with jeans. I am loving it and it took an afternoon to make and only cost $3.

Lots of love

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