Pillows and Cushions and Pillows

Dear Laura,

I am a sucker for cushions, it is the easiest way to put the fabric I love in my house. Recently I was anxiously awaiting a shipment of fabric that I had bought on impulse, never leave me alone for 10 minutes with a computer and a credit card is the moral of this story, anyway there was a knock on the door I rushed to it and before I had opened the door the UPS person had disappeared. Eagerly I glanced around and lucky for me, they had left the package on the doorstep. I ripped it open to find the most beautiful of materials, the one that struck me the most was this pink flowery number. 

Recently you see I had been sat about thinking that my cushion choices in the living room were a bit drab and I wanted a bolt of colour to liven things up a bit. Well this seems to be doing the trick. I double sided the cushion with the classic 1970s pink flowery M&S material we all had as bedding in my house. We had pink, yellow and green! Recently I saw my sister had reintroduced this bedding to her children and on telling her I had the pink pillow case she made some suggestion that it should be reunited with the duvet, I had however already got my scissors into it and used it to line my iPad cosy so it is all too late. However it did seem like a good backing material for this cushion so more chopping and now here it is happily sitting in the living room brightening things up a bit.

Lots of love


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