My New Singer Sewing Machine

Dear Laura,

I have been thinking about the new sewing area that I will get once we manage to finish off downstairs. Currently I am in the back bedroom and sewing on the floor, neither me nor hubby really like this arrangement. This is why I think I managed to persuade him to drive for 40 minutes to come and pick up this beautiful 1900s singer sewing machine and table that I found on Craigslist. I am not showing you it in context because quite frankly the context right now is dirty plaster, hanging wires and an open ceiling. So for now I will show you snippets and hopefully soon I can reveal its full glory!

It is in such good condition I am crazy excited about using it and playing with it. It had so many things in the draws: attachments, bobbins, it even has its instruction book which is going to be very important as there are a lot of attachments that I do not understand. I will of course not be getting rid of my electric sewing machine and I suspect that I will not be using this Singer too much for my sewing life but I still can't wait to try it and see how it does. 

Lots of love



  1. oh it's lovely. I rescued an old singer from a skip a few months ago, sadly there were no instructions for I may never use it......

  2. Oh! Lucky you, what a find :)


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