guest posting (with pom poms)

Dear Annie,

I'm guest posting today, over on Rachel's blog, My Life in Knitwear, as part of her advent series. Come on over and take a peek (and see what I did with all these pretty pom poms)...

love from,



Leeli, Sweet or Terrifying?

Dear Laura,

As you know Christmas is flinging itself towards us at breakneck speed. With Christmas I always try to make some home made gifts although, as we all know, this is extremely difficult as time seems to disappear in December. This year, my niece has requested (through her mother) toys that she can cuddle and treat like people. Well as soon as I read this I thought of those amazing red nose day dolls created by so many of our favourite bloggers. Oh my goodness they were amazing and I loved the idea of making all those super cute accessories as well (my thought being knitting a jumper for a doll has got to be a lot easier than knitting a jumper for me!) So here is my attempt. Her name is Leeli and so far she has a dress, I am hoping to make her trousers, a jumper some leg warmers and a sleeping bag. The thing is, I am not sure if she is cute and adorable or utterly terrifying. 

There is something about her eyes, any suggestions or comments as to what to do and or whether she is suitable for a three year old would be appreciated. I have no clue and will not be in the remotest bit offended if you said to me, yikes maybe change... 

Lots of love



cabled with pompom (a baby hat)

Dear Annie,

It must be the time of year for pompom projects, because I have been making one too. Using the Cascade 220 yarn left over from the baby's blanket, I made him a cabled hat with an overly large pom pom. Extremely cute, and just the tiniest bit ridiculous.

Oh, and pompom makers... what a revelation! There will be more pompoms to come before Christmas, you can be sure of that.

love from,


PS: I blogged a little about the making of the hat here on Circle of Pine Trees.Details of the hat are, of course, over on Ravelry

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