Charmed by chintz

Dear Annie,

Look at this gorgeous circular cushion made from vintage fabrics! Okay, I confess. It is handmade, but not by me! I am having a bit of a 'circular cushion' moment and have had one on my "to make" list for ages. As you may have noticed, however, I am currently a bit behind on my making, so when I came across a lady selling them at the local Sunday market I decided to treat myself. I was struggling to decide which cushion to choose, but when I spotted that gorgeous chintz fabric on the back of this one,I was smitten.I love the pleated strips of fabric on the front, too. Simple, and so effective.

In the bargain basket of the vintage stall, I was excited to find this little plate for just two pounds. It matches the jug which I inherited from my Granny. The pattern is called Marguerite, and I have loved it since I was a little girl, but I had never come across anything other than my own precious jug. When I read up about it a little, I discovered that Marguerite was the first chintz china pattern made by Royal Winton.

It would seem that I have always been charmed by chintz.

Love from,


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  1. Oh wow, that china is truly gorgeous! I hadn't come across that pattern before, I think it might be love at first sight...


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