that time of year

Dear Annie,

It's that time of year again. New class, new PE bag. 

My first time at the sewing machine for pretty much twelve months- pregnancy sickness really took away my sewing mojo!

It's good to be back.

Love from,



A Summer of Bees

Dear Laura,

Our bees have been very busy over the last 4 months. So much has changed in our bee keeping style in this, our third year of bee keeping. We have moved the bees from the roof into the garden, here we can watch them flying in and out, in and out, all day identifying their flight paths and wondering where they have been. 

We have been able to see them bring in the pollen in spring to build up the colony, remove the dead bees from the hive, wash board every evening (where the bees sit at the entrance of the hive and move up and down in one place no one really understands why they do this). We have seen the bird life in our garden increase and watched as they became more confident to dive and catch the bees. 

It has been really lovely having them down here, in the evenings before the mosquitos came out, we could sit after work with a glass of wine just watching them. We are finally harvesting some honey this weekend, I hope we manage a smoother harvest than last year. I will let you know how it goes.

Lots of love



Charmed by chintz

Dear Annie,

Look at this gorgeous circular cushion made from vintage fabrics! Okay, I confess. It is handmade, but not by me! I am having a bit of a 'circular cushion' moment and have had one on my "to make" list for ages. As you may have noticed, however, I am currently a bit behind on my making, so when I came across a lady selling them at the local Sunday market I decided to treat myself. I was struggling to decide which cushion to choose, but when I spotted that gorgeous chintz fabric on the back of this one,I was smitten.I love the pleated strips of fabric on the front, too. Simple, and so effective.

In the bargain basket of the vintage stall, I was excited to find this little plate for just two pounds. It matches the jug which I inherited from my Granny. The pattern is called Marguerite, and I have loved it since I was a little girl, but I had never come across anything other than my own precious jug. When I read up about it a little, I discovered that Marguerite was the first chintz china pattern made by Royal Winton.

It would seem that I have always been charmed by chintz.

Love from,



A Working Dress

Dear Laura,

A few weeks ago, I made a bargin with the hubby, I would go with him to some wood shop and he would take me to a nearby fabric store. It turned out this nearby fabric shop was a haven of 70s prints flown all the way from India. It seemed so small from the outside but the shelves were stacked high with fabric, multicoloured bracelets and sparkles. 

I used to live in the Indian / Pakistani area of Nottingham and just down the road there existed fabric shops just like this one. It was wonderful searching through the rows of fabrics and deciding not to buy too much of the sequined, loud, and marvelous fabrics. Instead I just found this beautiful Cashmere mix. Mid summer this felt like just the right thing to buy and make into a dress. Not one to delay my gratification I immediately went home and sewed it up. It is going to be perfect for the coming autumn.

I would also once again like to apologise for my self portraiture, I am not cutting my head off on purpose it is surprisingly difficult to take pictures of yourself!

The dress is fantastically comfortable and I am loving wearing it. I am currently deciding whether I should line it or not. It would probably make sense but is a bit of a faff!

Lots of Love


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