A Patchwork Blanket

Dear Laura,

Lots of little people have entered the world recently and so I have had lots of excuses to make cute little things, who really needs an excuse though. Anyway this time I made a little blanket out of all the scraps of various other projects I have made. I really enjoyed this process, it is much easier than I thought it would be, it just takes a little patience and planning, both of which  I tend not to have in great quantities when it comes to sewing. 

The patches have come from across the world, the hungry caterpillar is Taos NM, the whales and planes are DC, the stars and spots are Devon and the pirates are the Cotswalds (I believe you were with me when I bought that fabric). I'm off to the post office on Monday to send it on its way.

Lots of love



Very Little Dungrees

Dear Laura,

Back when S was tiney tiny, you gave me a pair of his dungarees so I could use them as a pattern to make him some. Now I have since used them as a pattern many times but I haven't ever managed to make a pair for any of your children including S. This is in fact no exception, I am working on something for little E but these little dungarees are for my sister, well not for her, she isn't that small, for my brand new nephew who is over due now, come on little one time to meet the family...

They are the last of the octopus fabric that Sabrina designed, I really used every last scrap of that fabric, I have the tinniest bit left to make a pocket for my dress and then it is all used up. I might have to order some more, or just encourage her to design more fabric for me to play with. I love making small clothes it is so much fun and I can't believe how that anyone can fit into something that little.

Lots of love


p.s. Congratulations on the crafty magazine tutorial, I am desperate to see it, I am so excited for you!


Crafty Magazine : a tutorial

Dear Annie,

I was more excited than usual when my subscriber's copy of Crafty Magazine landed on my doorstep this morning. My very own appliqué lampshade project is featured in this issue! It's available in the shops from 20th June but you can head over to Circle of Pine Trees if you'd like a sneaky preview...

Love from,



Crochet Project Blog Tour

Dear Readers,
We have been lucky enough to take part in The Crochet Project blog tour. This is very exciting! For any of you that don't know about The Crochet Project, pop over to their site here. It is the brain child of Kat Goldin and Joanne Scrace; both beautiful designers and photographers in their own right, they have put together some beautiful modern crochet patterns.
We thought it might be quite fun to interview them to get a sense of the person behind the design. 
Both having made lives in other countries Annie asked Kat about Scotland, being an ex pat and of course the inspiration behind her designs:
Both being crafting enthusiasts whilst juggling three children, Laura discussed crochet, hooks and yarn with Joanne

Their designs are modern and beautiful. Here are a couple more tasters, but you really should go and check out the magazine even if it is just for the sumptuous pictures.
(The Alchemilla Shawl is free! You can find it here)

Lots of love 

Annie and Laura


baby, blanket

Dear Annie,

My blanket is finally in use. Baby E arrived last week, and has been snuggled up in hand knits ever since! He has been making use of my small collection of baby Milos, and is currently wearing a cabled blue jumper, one of the many knitted for him by his clever Grandma. 

For the forseeable future, my evenings will be taken up by nursing rather than knitting, but I am looking forward to starting a new project or two soon. I shall tell you all about them when I do.

Love from,



Avoiding Rush Hour

Dear Laura,

The weather has warmed up, as you walk outside a wave of warmth wraps it arms around you, the air smells damp and fragrant from the evening blooms and the city has burst into life. I have always been a fan of magical realism in literature and especially South American writers, as I walk home through the city in the evening I feel like these books have come to life here and now, the fading architecture, the overgrown plants in the cracks in the walls, in the spaces between the buildings, green vibrant life taking over the grey wintery city. I walk home most days now and wanted to share this wonderful city with you through my obsessive instagraming all the way home

Past the food trucks

 The old post office

The Smithsonian Castle

The gardens between the galleries
 The double decker trains

 The FBI Building

 The fountains outside the national gallery

 Down the National Mall

 Looking back at the Washington Monument

 And then to the Capital Building

 The Capital building 
 Through the Botanical Gardens

 Past the Supreme Court

 Into Capitol Hill

 Past the Nationals Stadium

to a place where the flowers reach up high and blaze in the sun.

I am so happy it is Spring! 

Lots of Love



A Few More Octopodes

Dear Laura,

I think you remember my octopus dress, well I am eeking a little more from the fabric and have made an octopus wash bag. This is winging its way eastward to the lovely Sabrina at Wolves in London to say thank you for her ace material. It was supposed to be a surprise but I am useless at waiting. I hot ironed on a clear vinyl to the material which worked but unfortunately as I sewed the material some creases appeared in the vinyl  I am not sure if they can be ironed out or if they are there forever now. It was a fun trial and I think it is a pretty fun wash bag I hope she likes it! 

Lots of love

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