flower for a friend

Dear Annie,

My camera lens is in need of some medical attention, so I am sans camera this week (a most distressing state of affairs!). This is a picture from a couple of weeks ago, of a crochet flower brooch that I made for my friend Natalie's birthday. The pattern and yarn came from a Mollie Makes kit last year. It took a little bit of figuring out, partly because there was a mistake in the pattern,. Luckily Ravelry came to the rescue as usual and it was super-speedy to make once I was on the right track. I added the buttons in the middle and a brooch pin to the back. A satisfyingly sweet crochet project, I shall certainly be making more.

Love from,


PS: Details on Ravelry.


Recycling Gloves

Dear Laura,

It got cold. Very very cold. We were all muttering about how the winter was rather mild this year, lots of sunshine as always but the temperature was rarely dipping below zero (unusual for D.C.). But then it happened. The weekend had been a lovely 10 - 15C then on Tuesday morning I woke up to  subzero temperatures, by Thursday a beautiful layer of snow had fallen covering the ground. The temperature has not risen above zero since and it is looking like it will stay that way for a while longer. 

This troubled me as my rather lovely cashmere gloves were falling apart at the seams, well fingers really and I was not rocking the holey glove look.

They are beautifully warm so I couldn't face throwing them out, I needed new ones to keep my little fingers from freezing off. So I decided... I would buy new gloves and turn my old ones into fingerless gloves that I can wear around the house for knitting and such like. There is nothing like snipping through knitted wool with a pair of sharp scissors. After I had chopped the fingers off, I turned the edges over and sewed them up.

I am wearing them right now as I type and I am so pleased

I hope you are keeping warm over that side of the pond, I believe this is exactly the weather that requires hand knits and hot chocolate, perfect!

Lots of love



winter knitting

Dear Annie,

As you know, here in the UK we have had a rather snowy week. With schools closed and roads icy, we have spent much of our time at home, either outside on the sledge, or inside by the fire. 

I can't remember a week where I have had so much time to knit. Sitting curled up on the sofa under a blanket knitting whilst I could hear the boys crunching around in the snow outside was an absolute treat.

I have cast on a blanket with the wool that I chose on our trip to Loop. The pattern is a delight to knit: lacy and beautiful yet surprisingly simple. Perfect for lazy afternoons by the fire.

Love from


PS: Pattern details here on Ravelry


Inauguration 2013

Dear Laura,

Today was the presidential inauguration. The city completely shuts down and I was told I would be arrested if I tried to go to work. Brilliantly this morning we got given surprise tickets to the inauguration itself which meant I could actually be quite close! 

Obama and Biden

There were lots of fur coats, it is pretty cold in DC in January 

It was cold but it was fun, I skipped the parade and watched it on TV so I could warm up and sew!

lots of love



Shower Caps

Dear Laura,

Sometimes I have an idea in my head for so long eventually if I don't try it I think I am going to go mad. I have been wanted to try to make a shower cap for ages. I like the idea of choosing some outrageous fabric to cheer myself up in the morning before work and it seems so simple. 

As you know I don't do anything sensible like try to find a pattern, part of what I enjoy is the challenge of figuring out how something goes together. I make a lot of mistakes but I don't mind that so much. This shower cap is ok, I learnt a lot along the way, the first is that you need a lot more material than I first thought and the material I choose is a bit stiff. It is my prototype and I am fairly pleased with it.

Preparation and materials

The smaller circle is what I thought I needed, the larger, was what I actually needed!

After its inaugural use

The next one is going to be bright pink with spots. That will wake me up in the morning and make me giggle a little bit too.

lots of love



a cable hat for Emily

Dear Annie,

One of my very first ever blog posts was about a purple cabled hat that I knitted for myself. It was, and still remains, my very favourite hat. Emily, a lovely friend of mine, has always admired it. She is a very stylish lady, so her admiration is quite the compliment! For her birthday last year, I promised to knit her one, in a yarn of her choice. She mulled it over for a while, and eventually chose a greeny blue shade in Cascade 220 Heathers. This was my knitting project of choice over Christmas, and I enjoyed it no end. It is one of my favourite knitting patterns. Sixteen big slouchy cables are simple to knit, and very effective. I hope that Emily's hat will keep her head as warm as my hat has kept mine!

Love from,


PS: Details, as always, over on Ravelry.

(Joining in with Making Monday.)


Mending and Adjusting

Dear Laura,

I have finally taken all the dresses out of my closet that needed mending and adjusting before I can wear them. It is the new year and I am cleaning up and clearing out! Two of the dresses are work dresses that I bought ages ago and have only just got round to tightening up around the waist to stop them from looking like shapeless sacks (well a slight exaggeration but still!). The others are just fun colours and fabrics that need attention to be able to be worn day to day. 

I love fitted clothes and this is one of my favourite things to do, it gives me so much freedom when buying clothes especially second hand. 

                     Before                                After
              (a little bit loose)           (tighten the arms and waist now it
                                                   fits a little better)

Now I have 4 new dresses and a gorgeous summer shirt, only 5 months to go until I can contemplate wearing that one!

Lots of love




Dear Annie,

Like many small children, my boys are completely obsessed with the idea of superheroes. R, the youngest, often refuses to have his coat zipped up because he prefer to wear it raised above his head as 'superboy'. There was no doubt that these were boys in need of superhero capes, so I decided to make them some for Christmas. After searching Pinterest and looking at various cape patterns and tutorials, I came across a brilliant one from The Long Thread. I chose to use a plain coloured polycotton for the outside of the capes, and a shiny silver fabric for the linings to make them extra swishy and super-looking! 

They only took an evening to whip up (which was lucky because I left making them to the very last minute!) and they were a huge hit with both the small and the large superhero. Of course they were notoriously hard to photograph because as you can imagine, superheroes don't stand still!

When I have a minute to spare, I think I may make a couple of pairs of these cuffs to match.

Love from,



Joining the Squares

Dear Laura,

A new year brings with it a lot of unfinished projects and even worse lots of new wool bought at loop tempting me to start some more. I found myself hugging the new wool again this morning, it is so soft and beautiful. But I am being strong, no new projects until I have at least made the effort to finish my largest project ever!

As you remember two years ago we decided to make an afghan crochet blanket. I am not sure either of us really realized what this would entail and how much time this would take. Determined to move forward I packed all my squares in my suitcase and dragged them all the way to England.

It was there that I found that they were in fact children nectar. One two year old so enamored with one of my squares refused to let it go. At least I know there are one or two small people who might like my blanket. Still even with all the lugging and intentions, I only managed to join about three squares. So I packed everything back up and now, back home, with the new year underway and the renewed enthusiasm it brings I am making more headway. 

I hope I get it finished soon, I have some lovely socks I want to make and I am really excited to try some fair isle patterns. 

Lots of Love




Annie and I would like to say Happy New Year to all our readers. Thank you so much for reading. We appreciate and enjoy every single one of your comments and being part of the blogging community continues to be a fantastic experience for both of us.

You may have noticed a badge in the sidebar for Circle of Pine Trees. In the coming year, I will be blogging there about some of the other elements of my own life which fit less well into this shared crafty space. Of course I will also still be posting as usual here at Nimble Fingers and Steady Eyebrows. I hope that you will come over to the new blog and say hello, perhaps even subscribe if you like...

Annie and I have all manner of crafting projects planned for the new year, both individual and collaborative, so watch this space! In the meantime, we hope that 2013 brings you all manner of good things and wish you a very happy (and crafty) new year. 

Love from,

Laura (and Annie)

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