Zoo Dress

Dear Laura,

Over the christmas holidays I got to do my favourite thing ever which is go to liberty and rummage through the fabric sale. I am not adverse to using my elbows in such a situation either. It is such a joy, the material is all so amazing and I spent a good hour in there increasing my stash. This was one of the materials I got. It is so lovely but I haven't really sewed with tana lawn before and it behaves a little differently than standard dress making cotton. As I realised it shows all sewing even the holes from unpicking, opps. It is also really sticky, so I lined it with a nice soft grey lining. 

The dress got its first outing on my recent trip to California, it has a sneaky zip on the kick at the back so I can alter the height as I please. I had to re-adjust the arm holes as I made them a little small but otherwise it is unbelievably comfortable. I really enjoy making my own clothes and it is getting to be more of a joy as I get better and get more lovely material.

Lots of love


p.s. my new technique for photograph taking is to put my camera on my head and take photos in the mirror. It has varying results as you can see.


  1. oh how I love that dress x

  2. What brilliant fabric!! Rarrrrh! It's so cute :-) x


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