Could I Call This My Style?

Dear Laura,

For a very long time I have been looking for a style, any style, anything I can call my own, this is me just me, and when people see it, they would say "oooo that is just like something Annie would make/own/like". I think I secretly want to be a very stylish French lady that just throws clothes on and looks fabulous and individual all the time. This I don't think I will ever achieve, I will have to perfect walking in a ladylike manner first (rather than striding down the street as fast as I can) and I will never be able to wear heels except for the most special occasions, however I love the idea of having a style, things that match in my wardrobe, a look I love that I can just go to in the morning and not have to think about what is clean and where clothes are that vaguely look ok together.

To my surprise my sewing this year has been creating a kind of style for me, I am not sure how long it will last but my choices of muted colours in greens and greys and creams have been coming out again and again, as well as my love for small animal prints. I love fitted clothes and simple styles and this seems to be what has come out in the last few things I have made. I am very excited by this, I am not sure if it will last but I am going to make an effort to make at least ten pieces of clothing (yikes that is six more!) in this style and have a small collection.

Lots of love



  1. I don't know what my style is either! But I like to make things and wear them. I am gradually seeing that fitted clothes work best and I also love that Olive green colour too. I have really enjoyed looking round your blog and have clicked bloglovin so I can continue to see your style grow. Jo x


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