Making my own Clothes

Dear Laura,

Long before we started this blog I was making and adjusting my own clothes as well as sewing gifts for friends. However since this blog I have done so much more. The feedback has spurred me on no end and the advice people give me has been amazing. Also it is just so much fun to show off what you have made to the world. This along with all the amazing bloggers I have discovered has transformed my wardrobe and as a little reminder to myself of what I can achieve if I put my mind to it I have created a pinterest board tracking all the handmade items in my wardrobe. Rather hilariously they ask you for a category when you set up your pinterest board, the only one I could think of was women's fashion, perhaps a little delusional. So if you fancy checking it out and seeing all my rather wonderful modelling faces and poses it can be found here:

Lots of Love



  1. Oh I love your modelling faces almost as much as I love your clothes! xxx

  2. i do so love to see all your sewing x


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