Under the Cover of Darkness

Dear Laura,

I have been wanting to get my garden established for ages but it is hard to get going as we have only just really finished all the outside construction work. However when I saw Sabrinas post (of Wolves in London) with those gorgeous seed packets I decided that this was the year, I would collect seeds, buy bulbs and next spring make sure my garden was up and running. The only problem with collecting seeds is that in my garden we don't have any seeds to collect. There are however lots of lovely looking flowers all around the neighbourhood.

And so... under the cover of darkness, with the excuse of walking the dog. Off I went, nail scissors in pocket, plastic bags in hand and a slight fear of being caught in my stomach. I snipped and pocketed and got a few odd looks but I think I got a good hoard. I also collected some wild flowers to put on the table. I have no idea if I collected the seeds correctly, or if I managed to separate out the different flowers, however I think that will be part of the fun when it comes to planting next year.

Lots of love


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