Tigers on a Purse

Dear Laura,

A little while ago, our naughty pup put her head in my bag and found a lovely piece of leather to chew on. Unfortunately for me, that piece of leather was the purse I bought myself as a treat when I got my Ph.D. Sad as it is to have chew marks all over it, it did give me an opportunity to try my hand at making a new one for myself. I am very pleased with how it turned out. I wanted to use some of the ends of the cotton and steel fabric I had used to make my dress, it is canvas and much more suited to this application than a dress.

I loved the contrast of the bright deep pink material I have with the deers trophy heads on it so I used that for the lining. I choose a yellow zip because I love yellow and pink together. It turned out I needed much more lining fabric than I thought and was surprised to use nearly 1/2 yard on the purse. I finished it off by sewing around the edges and put the top thread as green and the bobbin with pink so both sides have the right colour thread. A genius idea I read in a book once. I hope you like it, I am very happy and have been showing it off to people left right and center, whether they are interested or not!

Lots of love 



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Annie and Laura x

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