England, My England

Dear Laura,

As you know I recently returned for a lovely two week break in England. We had intentions to travel through Scandinavia but organization and eye watering prices brought us back to England to spend lots of time with sisters, brothers in law, nephews, nieces and parents. Even though we camped out on the coldest night ever recorded in August and we caught colds and went swimming in the rain, it was beautiful, magical and refreshing to be home. Grey and damp as England can be, it is still home, it is still summer and it is still wonderful. It wasn't all grey skies, on occasion the clouds parted and the wonderful English summer returned, we sunbathed, chatted and ate soft fruit and I tried to show R that really when the sun shines England is just the most beautiful place on earth.

A road full of pheasant, this is what happens when you take the B roads!

The tunnels beaches

The Barnstaple apple, a little sour but I am sure it would make a good pie

My mum

The traditional stuck behind a tractor whilst trying to get to the airport 

Lovely Stonehenge (no Obama though I think he stopped by a few days later)

The Oxford canals 

Bath and the wonderful sandstone crescents

My very favorite courtyard of all time at the V&A

So that was my holiday, refreshing and invigorating and now I am back to work and back to reality. Goodbye England, until next time.

Lots of love



  1. Lovely photos but I think you'll find that the one of 'oxford canals' is in fact a picture of the Thames, that minor watercourse which makes its way eventually to some city or other in the East. You can try to cover this up by referring to it as the Isis if you like.

    1. I don't think I have heard of this river Thames you refer to.

  2. I've only got one thing to say: move home!

  3. it looks wonderful, glad you had a lovely time x


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