Crafty Goodness

Dear Laura,

A few days ago I was looking on instagram and I noticed that @littlecanoe was in DC. I love looking at visitors pictures of DC. I am always interested in where they are going and what they are seeing. It turns out that she was in town to take part in craft bastards. An enormous craft show just a few blocks from my house. I had no idea this was happening and so quickly looked it up and made plans to attend. R stayed home to play with his wood working which left me free with money burning a hole in my pocket and a wonderful afternoon of searching for all sorts of wonderful goodies.

I of course spent more than I should have but it is worth it for all the hand made goodies. I even spent lots of money at little canoes stall and blathered about following her on instagram, I am not so good with meeting strangers. Check out her etsy shop though it is full of lovely illustrations.

Here are a few of the lovely things I found

An awesome sugar bowl from Elizabeth Benotti

 A little whale bowl from Abby Berkson

These fabulous cards and stickers from Little Canoe

and this great t-shirt printed in Baltimore, unfortunately I can't remember the name of the company.

I had a lot of fun despite the unusually hot weather for this time of year. Bright blue skies and blazing sunshine showing off the beginning of autumn.

Lots of love



England, My England

Dear Laura,

As you know I recently returned for a lovely two week break in England. We had intentions to travel through Scandinavia but organization and eye watering prices brought us back to England to spend lots of time with sisters, brothers in law, nephews, nieces and parents. Even though we camped out on the coldest night ever recorded in August and we caught colds and went swimming in the rain, it was beautiful, magical and refreshing to be home. Grey and damp as England can be, it is still home, it is still summer and it is still wonderful. It wasn't all grey skies, on occasion the clouds parted and the wonderful English summer returned, we sunbathed, chatted and ate soft fruit and I tried to show R that really when the sun shines England is just the most beautiful place on earth.

A road full of pheasant, this is what happens when you take the B roads!

The tunnels beaches

The Barnstaple apple, a little sour but I am sure it would make a good pie

My mum

The traditional stuck behind a tractor whilst trying to get to the airport 

Lovely Stonehenge (no Obama though I think he stopped by a few days later)

The Oxford canals 

Bath and the wonderful sandstone crescents

My very favorite courtyard of all time at the V&A

So that was my holiday, refreshing and invigorating and now I am back to work and back to reality. Goodbye England, until next time.

Lots of love



Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

Dear Laura,

Tyger Tyger, burning bright,
In the forests of the night;
What immortal hand or eye,
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?
- William Blake

I came to poetry late in life, even though you tried very very hard to introduce it to me again and again. I did however learn the first verse of two poems as a child one was the one above and the second was "The Charge of the Light Brigade". Where and why and how did I learn these? Well for some reason we have quite a few poetry books in our loo at home. A little quiet reading you know, and someone had been reading these poems. Well it seems they went into my head too. 

I love the first two lines of this poem and whilst I was looking at the fabric for this dress (designed by Cotton + Steel) and making it I kept repeating them over and over again. My dress making confidence has been boosted enormously lately, ever since the success of my three summer dresses. Even better though is that now I finally have my tailors dummy, no more sticking pins into me instead I can stick pins into her. 

It is stunning how quickly this dress came together. It is the same pattern as the deckchair dress, so I knew what I was doing, but to fit is on the dummy was amazing. It has seams so you can feel where to put the darts. The fabric hangs so easily so hopefully it means no more lumpy seams for me or pinning on myself and skewing the hang. It was an amazing experience and I was jumping around for joy when I put it on and on its first fitting it was perfect. I will never go back to stabbing myself with pins!

Lots of love

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