Parcels of Fabric

Dear Laura,

There is nothing that makes me happier than parcels arriving which are full of fabric. I have a little problem to be fair and really need to stop buying so much fabric but it is all so pretty, I can't not buy it, it would feel sad and left out. Yesterday, I got into work and there was a lovely package waiting for me, I ripped it open and above are the contents. The nice thing is that I have started looking up the designers of the fabric and all of their stories are really interesting, it definitely adds to my joy of the fabric. From the fabrics I have chosen most are small businesses and female designers.  I suspect that you don't make a lot of money from fabric design but I certainly get an enormous amount of joy out of it. 

This time I bought fabric which had been designed by two designers. The first is a collective of 5 women called Cotton + Steel. There designs are really cool and the colours they use are right up my street. I bought 2 designs by Alexia Abegg (the tiger fabrics) and I am going to make the best dress ever in the whole wide world, I am pretty excited. The second designers are 3 women called 1canoe2. I just loved the pig fabric, I am going to make some tee towels from it and the bees are brilliant, I don't know what to do with that yet but I am excited to think of something.

Lots of love


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  1. The pig fabric is too too too awesome!


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