Little Bea's Patchwork Quilt

Dear Laura,

A while ago I bought about 15 fat quarters of fabric, just because I loved the designs. I had no idea what I was going to do with them but I didn't care because they were so so pretty. Well after having realized that my stash was getting a little too big I decided it was time that I got it together and finally made the patchwork quilt I had been meaning to make for a not so new baby of one of my oldest friends. I still have an unfinished quilt for a 3 year old, but she is about to have a new brother or sister so maybe I can make that one in time for the second arrival! 

I enjoy making quilts but I don't make very complicated ones, just squares of lovely fabric sewn together. As I sewed I listened to Radio 4 whilst making this quilt which is appropriate for the little girl it is going to, I know her mum is a big fan, I didn't manage to listen to The Archers though. I love sewing for others because as I sew I think of them and what they might like and how they will laugh at certain things, and how they are going to enjoy the item coming their way. Being so far away it still gives me that connection with the oldest of friends even though we barely get to see each other anymore.

Lots of love


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