Summer Dress #3 - I Think it Looks Like Tweed

Dear Laura,

(me at my desk working hard)

(lunch in the park and some dog cuddling)

When I first started working I used to wear some smart grey trousers and a shirt, sometimes with a tank top (or vest as I am slowly learning to call it over here in the US) to keep me warm. It was a pretty dull life dressing for work. I work in an industry which I think is around 80% men and I didn't have the confidence to stand out amongst them, I wanted to blend in, to "be one of them". Well it is many years on now, my confidence is much higher and I realized that my brain is what counts not what I wear or how I blend in. So over time I have let my sartorial style loose on the office. Sometimes with success, other times not so much.

I have discovered that I love fitted dresses, they are comfortable and smart but also allow colour and pattern to be worn in the workplace. I am very fussy and generally clothes shops sell dull, ill, fitting impractical work clothes especially here in the US (It's 100 degrees with 90% humidity people, maybe its time to loose the black suit jacket). And so of course I must make them myself. This is where summer dress number 3 came into my mind.  I was really drawn to this fabric for this dress because I thought it looked like a modern tweed. You need a lot of imagination to go there and a lot of people look at me as if I am insane when I say it, but it really made me think of tweed (it is just plain cotton). I loved the idea of a modern tweed for the office. 

So far I have ripped it twice, once whilst playing football against a 6 year old (who totally beat me) and once when walking the dog. Now it is true that this dress is an office dress and I shouldn't have been doing either of those activities in it but I like it so much I didn't want to get changed. Also of course I can mend it in a flash so I don't mind one bit. The dress came together pretty quickly but I rushed the hem a bit and it is a little wonky I need to resew it, the split up the back is just right and putting the zip in the back instead of in the side makes life so much easier when fitting the dress. Although only three dresses were planned in this series I have my eye on two more already! Summer isn't yet over so I might be able to squeeze them in.

Lots of love



  1. AnonymousJuly 26, 2014

    Gorgeous, Annie! Can I commission one for myself?! Love that style too...

    I spy the peacock bag as well, I think, nestled under a mountain of dog?

  2. very stylish indeed xxx

  3. It looks great Annie, I can see what you mean about being tweed like, it's got that pattern but it's not! Very cool. I'm really glad you've had the confidence to wear things that make more of a statement and say more about you, we've still got a long way to go in the workplace haven't we?! x


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