Curtains in a Rush

Dear Laura,

I had the wonderful pleasure of travelling to San Francisco for work last week. This is brilliant for two reasons: 
1. I get to go to San Francisco, 
2. I get to see some old old friends and play with them and their kiddiewinks. 
The trip also happened to occur over my birthday so I got to drink fancy tequila cocktails and eat lots of yummy Mexican food in a very cool restaurant. 

It was all fabulous, however before I left DC I had promised to make my friends some curtains for their 6 year olds room. We were for once quite organised between us but the July 4th weekend got in the way and the material only arrived 2 days before I had to leave. Rather than falling asleep on the sofa after work and after supper as is my usual habit, I ran downstairs and tried to put the curtains together. The dog was super helpful by sitting on, lying on and sometimes dribbling on the curtains. Needless to say I didn't quite make the deadline so I packed up a needle and thread and the half made curtains and hand sewed the rest whilst I was there. It was really fun and I even managed to finish and photograph the curtains!

Lots of love

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