Slippery Slippers

Dear Laura,

A little while ago I was thinking of making some slippers for a little person, but it is hard when there are no small feet around to figure out the sizing, so instead I decided to experiment on myself. They are a little small but otherwise fit pretty well. I can see that I need some padding in the soles, currently it is just two pieces of material, but for the next pair I will put some batting in for a bit of squish. They are surprisingly easy to make and I am looking forward to perfecting the pattern. The cross over is a bit of a pain with a lining so I am thinking of making a different style next. I am excited about some more trials!

Lots of Love



  1. They're lovely, beautifully made. It made me laugh because I call my littlest boy The Slippery Slipper because he is always slipping away from me.

  2. Hi Annie - I think they look gorgeous! They are the type of slippers I would definitely like for myself.

    Nina x


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