Summer dress plans

Dear Laura,

The weather has turned and we are having the most glorious spring. Plenty of heavy rain and beautiful sunshine with the temperatures staying warm enough to have the windows open all day and all night! The luminous green of the newly unfurled leaves and the multitude of blossom coming and falling and coming and falling has put me into a dress sewing mood.

I recently ordered a ton of fabric, just because I thought they were pretty, it was all half yards but wonderful half yards, Michael Miller has a line called Children At Play at the moment which I love! None of this is going to work for my planned dresses so I am resorting to the fabric I bought at Liberty's at Christmas and of course ordered some Dear Stella Deck Chair print fabric as well (this will arrive on Monday I am crazy excited), because well you really can't have too much fabric (I have too much fabric).

I began sewing at 5pm yesterday, for some reason I always start too late, and was interrupted by the dog chewing my sunglasses and purse at 8pm so I managed to get a good 3 hours in. I made the inner dress for my cherry blossom dress and the top outer bodice part. Only the skirt to go and of course attaching, heming, adding the zip and so on. I forgot just how much fun this is and can't wait to show off my new creation to you very soon!

Lots of Love



  1. that fabric is so pretty, can't wait to see the finished dress x

  2. Beautiful fabric, Annie, it will be a stunning dress. Just mind that pooch of yours doesn't eat it up ;)


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