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Dear Laura

This year our bees didn't manage to survive the long and cold winter which was very sad. We aren't quite sure why as there was honey still in the hives. It might have been just too cold and they couldn't keep themselves warm anymore. This weekend we decided to pack up the hives this year and extract the final honey. Next year we will set them up again and hope that we can keep them happy all year round. We are still learning and this years harvest was enormous so at least we have learnt how to assist the bees in making honey in the spring and the summer. 

Extracting is hard and messy work but fun, it is amazing to see how much honey comes out. In order to extract the honey you need to cut the caps off and this is all good wax that needs to be used for something and this year it is candles, I hope! The honey tastes so floral it is quite extraordinary. I remember my Grannys honey having a distinct taste (a delicious distinct taste), but I was never really aware of how different honey is from different places. Especially city honey, we have all sorts of strange plants around for the bees to try and with the botanical gardens on our door step well who knows what they were eating.

We got around 40 pints! I am excited beyond belief. 

Lots of love


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  1. sad about the bees, but oh my that honey does look wonderful x


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