Cherry Blossom Dress - Summer Dress 1 2014

Dear Laura,

I always have a love hate relationship with my dresses when I make them. I start so confidently and then an hour or two in I am swearing like a trouper and stabbing myself with pins trying to get the stupid fit right. I also have great plans to photograph as I go but what with the swearing and the pin pricking I am in no mood to get the camera out. This dress was no different,  I really need to get myself a mannequin, up until this morning I was convinced this dress was a disaster and I was ready to let you know all the issues and problems and lessons that I had learnt. 

Funny though how things look so different in the morning. This morning, I got up and put the dress on to give it its first outing. The zip worked, the fit is excellent, all the imperfections seem to have disappeared (or at least I am not focusing on them, it wasn't that magic) and I really really enjoy wearing this dress. The fabric is amazing, it is Amy Butler and I bought it in the Liberty sale when I was in London over Christmas. It is so forgiving it just puts up with all the silliness that I put it through and hangs brilliantly. 

I wasn't sure whether I wanted straps or no straps on this dress so I have a clever popper system so I can take the straps off if I need to. I think I will wear the strapless version to a certain wedding of the year happening later this year. I am really pleased to have finished this dress because I received the fabric for dress number 2 this week and can't wait to get started!

Lots of love



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Annie and Laura x

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