A Trip Around My Garden

Dear Laura,

As you know my dad is a very keen gardener, growing all sorts of exotic plants and tending a very large and wonderful garden. Having grown up with such an amazing outdoor space I have always craved at least some form of pretty garden of my own. There are a few problems however, one I am really not very good at gardening (turns out this skill passed me by), and two I live in a swamp which gets insanely cold in the winter and stupidly hot in the summer and I have no idea what grows here. 

Anywho, turns out that without a ton of construction waste out back we have rather a nice area which we can use between April and June when the weather is beautiful and the mosquitos are still nervous about the cold. This year we have had the perfect spring, a ton of rain and lots of wonderful sunshine and so the garden is blooming, well the three rose plants and the fruit trees look great. I am strong arming Sabrina (Wolves in London) to help me figure out what else to plant, I want a pretty cottage garden type looks, lots of soft pretty flowers.

I have created a pinterest board with everything I want in my garden on it, now to figure out if any of that grows here in DC.

Lots of love



  1. your roses are beautiful xxx I

  2. AnonymousMay 30, 2014

    Ooooh, you've got some lovely things already!

    Am v happy to help, just prepare to be bombarded with plant info, hee hee.

    Sabrina xx


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