baby socks

Dear Annie,

I finished the baby socks! What is even more remarkable, is that I cast them off whilst the baby's feet are small enough to wear them. Although they are
not, it seems, still enough to be easily photographed.

Still, I am in love with these little socks, and I am in love with sock knitting! I think that a pair for myself may have to be next up on the needles. 

love from,


PS: Details, as ever, are on Ravelry.

PPS: Lovely Emma of Silverpebble, who made my gorgeous teapot necklace, is having a giveaway for a gorgeous cornflower necklace. As you know, cornflowers were in my wedding bouquet, so I am quietly dreaming of winning it, but you should definitely pop over and enter too!

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  1. oh my, those are adorable. the socks and the toes. my baby now has feet bigger than mine....


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