Leeli Update

Dear Laura,

As you might remember, I tried to make a rag doll for my niece for christmas, however there was a question as to whether she was too scary or not, you can read about that here. Well after some extremely helpful advice in the comments on that post as well as my desperate call on instagram it turned out a three year olds judgment was the most useful, thanks Bee from the linen cloud, I managed to rearrange her face a little and I think she is rather sweet now. My niece seemed to like her but my parents out did me with a lovely peppa pig which was firmly placed under her arm for the entirety of christmas. Rather pleasingly though, she saw a picture of Leeli on my phone later on and pointed and with a big smile said dolly. This is what she calls all her dollies. I am going to call it a success but I have now learnt that making dollies is quite a bit harder than I first thought. I hope you like her new look.

Here is a reminder of what she used to look like

Lots of love



  1. Hi Annie ... I am so pleased my little fairy was able to help you out ... she really likes the new Leeli ... Bee xx

  2. Oh she turned out beautifully. No longer scary at all.


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