Introducing... Chaika

Dear Laura,

It was decided sometime ago that we would like to get a dog but both R and I had very different ideas about what type of dog we would get. I wanted a cutey little stupid loving spaniel and he wanted an incredibly clever collie. It seemed we were worlds apart. Then who should show up but little Chaika. R kept asking if I liked Borzoi, fairly clever but also cute and cuddly. I have never had a big dog so I was really concerned if I could manage, they are, however, utterly beautiful and elegant. 

We found a super cute one and the breeder answered all my questions and reassured me that although big, they are gentle and well tempered. So it was decided. Off we went on a mamouth road trip through the snow up to New England to meet little Chaika. Obviously the moment we met her she melted our hearts and continues to do so everyday. She is beautiful, sweet, well tempered and wonderfully behaved most of the time. Our lives have been somewhat turned upside down and we are loving every minute of it.

Lots of love


p.s. I am totally obsessed with her and post numerous pictures everyday on instagram if you would like to see more, my instagram name is nimblefingered (or you can click on the camera above my picture on the top left). Sorry to all those of you who do follow me on instagram and are sick of Chaika pictures. I will try to vary my subjects soon.


  1. She is so gorgeous - the instagram photos of her melted my heart. I wish you weren't so far away my dog, Luna would adore her! You can see her on these posts...
    Wishing you a happy and fun future with your new doggit :-)

  2. omg i am in love with her! My first dog was a rough collie and the face is similar! she is a darling! x

  3. you need to know i haven't been able to stop thinking about her! we have a 9 year old Irish terrier at the moment whom we totally adore even if she is probably officially the naughtiest dog in the world and although we learnt the hard way we couldn't have a second dog with her we are still thinking about the future and considering different dogs to terriers. I kept coming back over and over to the rough collie (my doggie first love) but was worried about the massive grooming demands and constant need for washing them (3 kids...no time!) so when i saw your beautiful Chaika (probably the most beautiful dog i have ever seen!) i immediately started googling the breed and haven't stopped since! We are going to crufts next friday for the hound and terrier day and hopefully i will get to meet some, eeek i am more than excited......i think you started something here! LOL give her a squidge from me xxxxxxx


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