A New York Skirt

Dear Laura,

When I was in London over Christmas I had quite a lot of fun in Liberty. There happened to be a sale on and rather than the careful picking through the sale fabric that everyone else was doing, I basically pulled the table upside down to find some wonderful fabrics. This was one of them. I immediately fell in love with it and knew I wanted to make a skirt with it. I thought my trip to New York would be a great deadline for making the skirt and I hurriedly put it together hemming the skirt the night before I left. I didn't anticipate that the weather would be minus a million degrees and so I am rather bundled up in the outdoor photos!

A little crinkled having been happily worn all day.

Lots of love



  1. Love the fabric! Liberty has such beautiful things. Xx

  2. oh how I love liberty fabrics!

  3. Beautiful skirt Annie and check our your lining! I've never been to liberty even though I grew up in London, shame on me!


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