Winter Warmth

Dear Laura,

The days are turning distinctly chilly over on this side of the pond. We still have the odd glorious sunny warm autumn day when the leaves are luminous and summer seems just behind us. Mostly though now we have the dry chilly wind running through the city, the leaves blown to the ground and everyone bundled up scurrying from place to place. This weather leaves me with little option when it comes to sewing. I need warmth and lots of it so all I can think about is hats, scarfs, gloves and slippers.

My favourite hat of recent years has been my city Russian hat, it is lined with fur (100% polyester, that is some quality fur) and I can wrap my head in it with just a small amount of face peeking out. This hat is grey and black and with all the autumn colour about I wanted to try a more colourful one. So out came the sewing machine and off I went.

Measuring my head

Tying the inside with the outside

Almost done, this is what is will look like if I dont what to keep my ears warm

Toasty as a toasty thing

Now I have a nice extra cosy hat, for the days when I want to be a little more colourful.

Lots of love


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