Sunday Chops and Parsnips

Dear Laura,

At christmas I wrangle my mum into making roasted parsnips, they really are my very favourite thing in the world. I always make sure to eat every last one of them, to show my appreciation (not greediness no no). You of course are very aware of my never ending appetite when it comes to roast dinners. Many a time when we were in the same city your brother and I would fight for the last morsels of the delicious roast dinners you would cook us. Biting into the roast parsnips last night transported me home, sparkly christmas lights in the door way my family and warmth all around me. They really are my favourite thing, oh and I made sure to eat every last one.

Lots of love


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  1. I love parsnips so much I refuse to share them with my children. they are the only vegetable I don't insist they eat!


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