We Are In a Book

Dear Readers,

You might remember a long long time ago, Laura and I were together over a cold and blustery Christmas. Well what do we do when we are together for more than 2 minutes? Sew, sew and sew. We were brimming with confidence and decided that rather than just give our pattern away we would try to sell it. Inspired by other bloggers out there we delved into those murky waters. Much to our delight the book 101 vintage crafts was looking for contributors and they chose us. Very excited we wrote our pattern and edited it down and moved it around and shifted it here and there until everyone was happy and now, here it is, on page 23!

It has taken such a long time to come out that we forgot about its release but we are both pleased as punch. You can read about our time making our vintage inspired bags Stitching Together part 1 and Stitching Together part 2.

Lots of love

Annie and Laura


  1. Congratulations, this is wonderful news for both of you xxx I look forward to looking out for his sweet book x Penny


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