needlefelted pumpkins for Halloween

Dear Annie,

I have learnt a whole new craft! It's quick, tactile, a tiny bit violent and a whole lot of fun...

The lovely friend of mine who made baby E's blanket made the smaller two needlefelted pumpkins as Halloween gifts for my eldest boys. She then let me loose on her needle and taught me how to make my own.

If you have yet to come across needle felting, it involves stabbing wool fleece repeatedly with a long, sharp and slightly barbed needle. The fleece coheres, and you can create shapes and objects. Apart from the occasional accidental needle prick (ouch!), it's a really soothing craft, perhaps because of the natural materials. I really enjoyed having a go, and am quite tempted to get hold of one of those stabby needles for myself... 

Happy Halloween!

Love from,


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  1. haha 'a tiny bit violent' - I like that :-D I've done needle felting (and stabbed myself, it hurts!!) but never anything 3d like this, I'm thinking Christmas Puddings :D


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