A Near Miss and Many Busy Days

Dear Laura,

It has been ages since I have written to you, so much has been going on I have barely found a spare minute. Between my parents coming to stay, trips to Boston and San Francisco as well an insane work schedule, I have had no time to sew let alone blog. However, last weekend a very exciting package arrived on my doorstep. To my horror however this package had been ripped open and the contents strewn all over the place. R picked it all up whilst I had a minor heart attack. Turns out the would be thief thought that the contents were not worth their while. I on the other hand can not believe how lucky I am to have such amazing friends, there is nothing as special as receiving hand knits. 

The lovely Ksenia had hand knitted me an amazing cardigan and being not only creative and talented was also very practical and added some extra wool in the package in case I ever needed to repair it. I was dancing with joy and wore it for about 5 minutes in the unseasonable 30 degree heat before putting to the side until the weather cooled a bit. Many many thanks to Ksenia, the idea that all that work that all that time, that all that amazingness nearly got stolen makes me feel sick and makes me utterly furious at the postman. Every time I wear it I will wrap myself up in it tightly and remember just how lucky I am.

Lots of Love



  1. As someone whose engagement ring went missing in the post, I feel your anger! I'm so glad the jumper reached you safely though, it looks lovely and warm!
    Helen x

  2. oh that's lovely, so happy it reached you safely x

  3. Wow it's amazing! I'm really jealous Annie none of my friends knit & I'm sure they wouldn't put in that amount of effort if they did :p Gutted that it was torn open but really glad it was okay, the postman shouldn't have just left it. I sent a parcel of crochet bunting once and it never even arrived :-(

  4. That is one beautiful cardigan. Thank goodness it arrived safely!
    Have a great weekend,
    Sarah x

  5. That truly is one gorgeous cardigan. Such a shame someone thought to do no good, but phew! You received it undamaged.

    Nina x


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