A Working Dress

Dear Laura,

A few weeks ago, I made a bargin with the hubby, I would go with him to some wood shop and he would take me to a nearby fabric store. It turned out this nearby fabric shop was a haven of 70s prints flown all the way from India. It seemed so small from the outside but the shelves were stacked high with fabric, multicoloured bracelets and sparkles. 

I used to live in the Indian / Pakistani area of Nottingham and just down the road there existed fabric shops just like this one. It was wonderful searching through the rows of fabrics and deciding not to buy too much of the sequined, loud, and marvelous fabrics. Instead I just found this beautiful Cashmere mix. Mid summer this felt like just the right thing to buy and make into a dress. Not one to delay my gratification I immediately went home and sewed it up. It is going to be perfect for the coming autumn.

I would also once again like to apologise for my self portraiture, I am not cutting my head off on purpose it is surprisingly difficult to take pictures of yourself!

The dress is fantastically comfortable and I am loving wearing it. I am currently deciding whether I should line it or not. It would probably make sense but is a bit of a faff!

Lots of Love



  1. Clever you, it's gorgeous Annie x

  2. i need one of those!

  3. That's beautiful Annie. I think you got the good end of the deal too -- a wood shop and a fabric shop! Both pretty exciting in my books.

    S xx

  4. It's lovely and looks like the kind of dress you'll wear all the time.

  5. This dress is gorgeous - what a lovely print! :) x

  6. Beautiful :) I'm not sure you really need to line it, it might become too warm to wear?


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