Some Chicago Love

Dear Laura,

A couple of months ago I went to chicago for the day for work. As soon as I stepped out of the metro my neck craned up suddenly as I was surrounded by these amazing skyscrapers. The architecture was astounding, every building is different and every building is beautiful. Had I known this is what Chicago was like I might have tried to stay a little longer but alas I had my return ticket in my hand for that afternoon. But I vowed to go back and see this rather extraordinary city again.

Luckily for me it is really quite easy to go to Chicago from DC and so last weekend R and I went off to the city I was desperate to have a proper look around. It was completely worth it and what an amazing city it is.

Lots of Love


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  1. wow those buildings are so high! MY hub went last summer for a meeting, he said it was amazing.


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