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Dear Annie,

Hello stranger!

I'm sorry for my long absence from the blog. Since baby E arrived at the end of May, I have touched neither knitting needles nor sewing machine. Other than photography, my creative mojo seemed to have completely disappeared. Even in the few moments that I managed to snatch for myself in the day,(whisper it...) I just didn't feel like crafting. 

I must confess to feeling rather alarmed by this- I don't remember it happening with the other two boys, although perhaps it did. Having chatted on Twitter to Kat and Libby, however, it seems that I am not alone. Perhaps when you have a new baby, you channel all your creative energies into them, or perhaps it's just the lack of sleep, I don't know.

Luckily, it was a temporary state of affairs, and a fortnight ago, when we set off for holiday, I reached for a long forgotten unfinished project- my Starsign Shawl. It felt so good to have the needles back in my hands again, and although the shawl is still far from finished, it was a start. I'm finding my creative feet again, one stitch at a time. Thank you for keeping the blog going in my absence. I've loved reading about all your wonderful crafty adventures.

Love from,


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  1. welcome back ! And don't worry about the dessapearing of your creativity. sometiomes it happens and that's ok too...


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