Crocodiles in San Francisco

Dear Laura,

Last week I went to San Francisco, I love it there. Actually I was lucky enough to have some work meetings in Berkeley and so I got to stay with some very good friends and their tiny new baby and less tiny little boy. It was so much fun. As you know, I like to make gifts for children and babies and I had just bought this awesome crocodile fabric so I decided to make some little jimmy jams for the new baby and some summer shorts for their little boy. 

Now I have a confession to make. I finally relented and bought a pattern. My first pattern and this was not any old pattern it is a series of patterns I believe will do me well forever. Dana over at Made has a series of children's shorts patterns for ages 6 months to 10 years! This is great, the only trouble I ever really have with making things for children is I have no idea how big they are so with these patterns I will be able to make PJs and shorts forever for everyone with the hope that they might actually fit.

A little babies hand 

And some delicious food, if there is one thing Berkeley has it is delicious food

I was too busy eating and chatting and cuddling babies to take photos of the kiddie winks in their shorts and PJs but they seemed to fit and I have a new confidence in making lots more in the future.

Lots of love



  1. They're very cute Annie, good idea to make them a little bigger so they can grow into them :) I'm infamous for knitting hats that are too small!

  2. sounds like a lovely trip with the cutest gifts! x


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