My First Skirt

Dear Laura,

A couple of weeks ago I applied to take part in this competition on sew mama sew, I didn't get chosen as a competitor but it inspired me to try to sew my first skirt. I really did want to try and and use a pattern but, well, I just can't so I just cut into the material and hoped for the best.

I have to say it was much much more successful than I thought it would be. I am not so keen on the fabric I thought it would look better but I did line the skirt and put pockets in, pockets are the best all skirts and dresses should have them. The fit is great, I forgot how comfortable well fitting clothes are. As soon as I wore it I vowed to always make my own clothes, I doubt this will actually happen but I love the thought so I will try for a bit at least.

Lots of love



  1. A first skirt, lined,with a zip and pockets wow mine would have had an elasticated waist - congratulations x

  2. It looks fabulous on you! I always get stuck on the zips so I haven't made one in years.

    Nina x

  3. it looks fantastic, what a joy to have something that fit's you perfectly x

  4. Love the skirt! I want one, and I think the fabric is excellent

  5. No way! I can't believe you just made it up, looks perfect to me :) I don't think you need those patterns, you have skills!

  6. it just looks fab! i like the fabric! perfectly done!


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