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Dear Annie,

My blanket is finally in use. Baby E arrived last week, and has been snuggled up in hand knits ever since! He has been making use of my small collection of baby Milos, and is currently wearing a cabled blue jumper, one of the many knitted for him by his clever Grandma. 

For the forseeable future, my evenings will be taken up by nursing rather than knitting, but I am looking forward to starting a new project or two soon. I shall tell you all about them when I do.

Love from,



  1. How gorgeous, congratulations on baby E, wishing you new and delightful joys with your baby x Penny

  2. Beautiful! What a lucky boy to have this blanket knitted by his mama. It's the perfect colour for a baby - calm and quiet!x

  3. Congratulations - perfect baby swaddled in perfect knits x

  4. truly adorable. congratulations again x

  5. Aww look at those toes, Laura you're making me broody!!!

    Congratulations :) x

  6. Huge big congratulations Laura (and family) - I love little toes.

    Nina x


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