Avoiding Rush Hour

Dear Laura,

The weather has warmed up, as you walk outside a wave of warmth wraps it arms around you, the air smells damp and fragrant from the evening blooms and the city has burst into life. I have always been a fan of magical realism in literature and especially South American writers, as I walk home through the city in the evening I feel like these books have come to life here and now, the fading architecture, the overgrown plants in the cracks in the walls, in the spaces between the buildings, green vibrant life taking over the grey wintery city. I walk home most days now and wanted to share this wonderful city with you through my obsessive instagraming all the way home

Past the food trucks

 The old post office

The Smithsonian Castle

The gardens between the galleries
 The double decker trains

 The FBI Building

 The fountains outside the national gallery

 Down the National Mall

 Looking back at the Washington Monument

 And then to the Capital Building

 The Capital building 
 Through the Botanical Gardens

 Past the Supreme Court

 Into Capitol Hill

 Past the Nationals Stadium

to a place where the flowers reach up high and blaze in the sun.

I am so happy it is Spring! 

Lots of Love



  1. oh my. that is an amazing walk home!

  2. I love, love, love your walk and that last picture is just gorgeous.

    Nina x


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