The View From Where I Blog

Dear Laura,

As you know the lovely Sabrina over at Wolves in London has asked us to show her the view from where we blog, your view is utterly gorgeous over on Circle Of Pine Trees. Natalie over at Slate Grey, Lime and Hay has a brilliantly surprising view and so now it is my turn... Unlike you and Sabrina who write so beautifully, I am not a writer, I really mean not a writer, I am a mathematician by training and an engineer by trade. There is a cherry tree that dominates our back garden, I am a little obsessed with its beauty and photograph it all the time, this is what I see when I blog.

As well as barbecues, bees and building works

The red cardinal that sometimes comes to visit

The flowers on my kitchen table bathed in sunlight

When I blog, I blog in the kitchen generally on a Saturday morning with a cup of coffee, happy to see the weekend in and glad of the potential it will bring. You were right Sabrina, there are indeed bees in my blogging view as well as barbecues and building works, and right now there are the luminous new leaves filling the sky. We are gradually gradually building our world around us.

But my favourite view is a view I have no picture of, from the same spot in the evenings were I keep R company as he cooks, and I knit, crochet, hem with a glass of wine as the delicious smells of supper surround us. This is where I am happiest, in these quiet moments of the day.

Lots of love



  1. Amazing views! That blossom is just heavenly... And I'm SO pleased to see the bees, ha ha.

    This is all making my London garden view with the bins seem a bit rubbish (pun intended) in comparison. Luckily, a bin tidy just arrived today, which I'm planning on growing sweet peas over as well. Maybe I'll have to show another view in a few weeks!

    Thanks for joining in and lovely to see your amazing US view. I swear everything looks bigger!


  2. Oh my what a beautiful tree! I like the scaffolding too... how exciting to be literally building a new life in a new country. Thank you so much for the lovely mention. x

  3. I like the written view of your evenings the best. sounds perfect x

  4. Cor! Your blossom looks gorgeous. What a beautiful view.

    Nina x


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