Pollen Laden Bees

Dear Laura,

On Sunday, R and I upgraded our beehive, well we added an extra box because the bees had almost completely filled the first. All weekend we have been watching the bees leave and enter, leave and enter the hive, legs filled to bursting with pollen. They use the pollen to build comb and feed the young. To us this is an excellent sign of the hive thriving it has almost quadrupled in size since we installed it just a month ago.

Lots of Love



  1. We are seeing more bees buzzing round our village in the last couple of days. Hoping this is a very good sign!

  2. Fantastic - very satisfying I'm sure.

  3. Yayy! We definitely need more bees and to look after them to to hear that your hive is not only thriving but growing bigger and bigger is great news :) Well done and thank you :D


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