Octopus Dress

Dear Laura,

I finished my octopodes (thanks Wendy) dress, yipppeee! I am so excited, it feels so extra special because it has both you and Sabrina (Wolves of London) weaved so tightly into it. I was extra careful with everything I was using because I didn't want to waste a single bit of fabric or ribbon. I just about managed to keep the octopuses the right way up and didn't cut too much measuring tape ribbon so I can have enough for a belt. I just realised when I said finished I meant half finished with some small seaming and hemming to correct as well as a belt to make for it. But well, I have no patience so I wanted to show you. I apologise for the wrinkles, I have been wearing it a lot and have been sitting all day, it needs an iron.

There are a ton of things I need to correct but I love it, I even wore it to work (and will continue to do so). There were lots of positive comments but my favourite was "Annie, you aren't just an engineer, you are an artist!" extra marks there, that will be the first sentence on my CV from now on.

Lots of love



  1. Simply beautiful Annie,I love the fabric x Penny

  2. Look gorgeous! I love that it's full of special people :)
    Now, that cardy to go over for cooler days ....

  3. Gorgeous. I love your colleague's comment!

  4. Oooooh, it is so amazing, I just love it! I love it almost as much as I love your expression in those photos and the evidence of the building work on the window behind you, ha ha ha.

    1. Those are some proper model pouts I'll have you know! I managed to crop out the scaffolding in the garden, however the exposed bricks are difficult to blur.

  5. oh that print is such fun! love it! and the dress x

  6. Hi there, love the dress. A new follower - I found you via Karen, Jo xx


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