Flowery Cushions

Dear Laura,

Flowery cushions are my favorite as are cushions all together so if there is any opportunity to add to my already bursting collection I take it. Do you remember my camera bag, you know the one I made with the lovely Marimekko fabric I bought when I was in England many moons ago. Anyway... the reason I bought it was because it has these wonderful huge purple and yellow flowers on it which just looked stunning (well to me anyway) against the black silky back ground. 

I had the perfect strip left from cutting out my camera bag and couldn't resist but make a cushion so I can enjoy that purple flower all the time. I was a bit short on fabric so instead of a slip case with no fastening I squeezed the top over and put poppers there to fasten the fabric together, I even practised French seems taught to me by that program that hangs over my head everytime I sew, "the Great British Sewing Bee". I will shut up about it eventually, once the trauma of thinking someone is actually checking the quality of my sewing dies down!

Lots of love


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  1. I have a big pile of fabric waiting to be made into beautiful cushions. One day I will! Love yours.


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