Whole Outfit: Cosy Comfort

Dear Laura,

You know how libby over at trulymurtle is making an outfit a month. Well this really stirred something inside me. I think it is amazing and such a great idea. She is pretty quick, hugely talented and nifty with those knitting needles and her sewing machine. I on the other hand am much much slower. But I love the idea, a whole outfit made by hand just for me. I have been planning my outfit for ages and it has taken a litte while to complete. I went with cosy and sleepy as I started putting the outfit together in winter. Here it is...

So the pijama top doubles up as a nightshirt. It is made from a stretch cotton fabric and is insanely comfortable, I made up a random pattern for it and it is a bit wonky, I learnt quite a few lessons for my next top like this. The pijama trousers you have seen before as have you the lovely toasty slippers and my blanket of love

Next stop is a cardigan or jumper with a dress and maybe even a piece of jewelry to compliment. This might take me until the end of the summer though but I will proudly show it off once I am done.

Lots of love



  1. Yay for making it ourselves!!! I think your giraffe pj bottoms must have wedged into my subconscious because I'm making some right now :) I love your slippers and aren't you clever with the top?! The cowl neck is super flattering and the curved bottom is a lovely touch. Well done and ENJOY! Can't wait to see the next outfit :)

  2. How cool to be snug in a whole outfit of your own making, love it.

  3. I am really inspired by Libby too. I always make my own skirts and jewellery, but tops have me running away scared - I'm not a regular size and previous attempts just haven;t fitted. Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained I suppose!


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