Sunday Morning Dress

Dear Laura,

Gosh it has been a while, I have been buried under mounds of dust and windows. We just had ALL our windows replaced which caused chaos in the house. I am pleased to say we have no more holes and lots of lovely new windows. In amongst all the mess I did have a chance to get the sewing machine out. Just for a little bit on Sunday morning, before a paint brush and cleaning supplies were thrust back into my hands.

It has been heating up here in DC, not summer hot, just a gentle spring heat to lure the leaves to open and the blossom to being to fall. This lead my mind to those long hot summer days we have here in DC and I wanted to make a dress to prepare for them. The key to very hot weather clothing is light material (not too light so you can see through) and loose fit. I find light jersey is the best for this and I found this lovely dark green. I am not 100% satisfied yet, I have to fine tune it a little bit but this dress is super comfortable and is going to be extra light and airy for the coming summer heat.

I see from the photos it could do with an iron! Also since the great British sewing bee, I am terribly paranoid about my neatness of stitching and "raw edges". I am trying to live up to their high standards!

lots of love



  1. Annie, I'm impressed that you can sew with stretchy jersey fabric. Beautiful green. I loved the sewing bee, really inspirational x Penny

  2. oh what a gorgeous green! and I love your tape measure belt! x

  3. Hey Annie, this looks like a super sweet and comfy dress for summer - love the tape measure as a belt! :) x


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